Two Events That Basically Sum Up Your EngradePro Experience

Engrade Complete is actually a learning management and assessment platform that can bring all your current educational tools into one convenient environment. Teachers can finally manage the entire learning cycle-planning, teaching, assessing, and analyzing in one secure and uncomplicated platform-while still using their tools on the fullest potential.

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How do you create my school?

Once you sign up for Engrade Complete you are going to provide us with specifics of your school. We will then create the school for you within our system and notify you once the school is prepared. Please check that each of the settings in your new school are correct before starting to make use of the college.

Just how do i create my account?

In the school creation process, you are going to provide us with a summary of administrators. We are going to create these first administrator accounts whenever we create the school. When the administrator accounts are set up, each administrator (including yourself) will get an email containing login information. Also, any administrator, with View and Edit rights, can create additional administrator accounts.

Create New Administrators

Where do you login?

To login to Engrade Complete, go to

Just how do my teachers and students create their accounts?

A school administrator creates the accounts for teachers and adds students on the school. This can be done in bulk or on an individual basis. Before a teacher can also add students to some class, a school administrator first should add those students for the school.

Upload Student Roster CSV

In Engrade Complete only school administrators can cause teacher accounts. However, when teacher accounts are set up, each teacher is sent a message containing login information.

Create New Teachers

When students are added to the program, they actually do not really have accounts. Separate actions for creating Student and Parent accounts can be accomplished at anytime, individually or maybe in bulk.

Create Parent Accounts

Exactly what are Grading Periods and Marking Periods in Engrade Complete?

A Grading Period is usually what would be established to encompass a whole school year. Grading periods have strict dates that cannot overlap. Student rosters and courses are specific into a single grading period.

Marking Periods are set up inside a grading period, and so they offer a tad bit more flexibility in they can have overlapping dates. There are different kinds of Marking Periods (standard, designated and averaged) that may serve different purposes for a school. Marking Periods also provide for various calculations (semester averages, final averages), that Grading Periods alone tend not to offer.

Which configuration should I use?

Begin to see the following article for more in depth information:

Grading Periods vs. Marking Periods


How do you sign up for Engrade Complete?

If you are considering upgrading your school to Engrade Complete, tell us what you like the majority of about Engrade, and we’ll share your thoughts with your administrator and provide your school an exclusive offer to start with Engrade Complete! It is possible to share your knowledge about Engrade here: Share Your Experience.

As soon as your school has upgraded to Engrade Complete, your school administrator can create a free account for yourself. Teacher accounts in Engrade Complete are produced by school administrators.

How do I sign up to my own teacher account?

Please contact a school administrator. In Engrade Complete school administrators create teacher accounts, rather than teachers themselves.

Where do you login?

To login to Engrade Complete, go to

Just how can my students/parents join their particular accounts?

Students/parents tend not to create their own personal accounts. Once students are enrolled in a category, an educator can cause student accounts in big amounts.

Create Student Accounts

Teachers can also create individual parent accounts or contact a school administrator to request that parent accounts be developed for students in bulk.

Create Parent Account

Why can’t I give a new student to my class?

If your new student has not yet been added to school by an administrator, you will struggle to add a student to the class. In Engrade Complete, students need to devzpky49 to your school from a school administrator before they could be included in a category by way of a teacher.

Parents and Students

How do you join my very own account?

Please contact an educator or administrator at your school. In Engrade Complete, parent and student accounts are set up by administrators or teachers.

How do I Login?

To login to Complete, please go to engradepro and enter the account information provided by an educator or school administrator.